High School Bass Fishing Classic Tournament



Started in 2022 by Jeremy Gallman in partnership with Rex Moncrief, the High School Bass Classic is the PREMIER HIGH SCHOOL BASS TOURNAMENT in the nation! It is an OPEN tournament focusing on quality and excellence to showcase the student anglers and influence the next generation of sportsmen (and women) that will be purchasing products and services!

We provide our sponsors / partners will a professional platform to represent and showcase your company, products, and services. Over 40 years of combined tournament and promotional experience in the bass fishing industry, tournament organizations, social media, as well as high school fishing – give us a unique perspective in promoting brand awareness.

The High School Bass Classic Open Tournament provides high school bass fishing teams across the nation an opportunity to fish for great prizes and awards in a professionally organized event. Our 1st Annual Tournament was held on the mighty Red River waterway as a 3 day event. The 2nd Annual Tournament was held on the naturally formed Caddo Lake as a 2 day event. With teams participating from as far away as Wisconsin, our plans for the future include expanding into a multiple tournament format across the region.

Sponsors ROI (Return on Investment)

  • Large spectator attendance at each weigh-in (parents, etc) that are a purchasing demographic.
  • Thousands of social media views / shares / engagement for every video released
  • Periodic digital newsletter directly to our anglers and their boat captains / parents and other subscribers.
  • Promotion to thousands of other prospective product & service buyers through other local / regional events, radio, TV

Title Sponsor Pricing:


  • Sponsor name / logo incorporated into HSBC logo
  • Prominent logo placement in all official videos, social media posts, and mention during all events
  • Title Sponsor Rep may speak at weigh-ins during gaps in weigh-in.
  • Title Sponsor(s) may have 30-sec promo video inserted in all official highlight videos

Presenting Sponsor Pricing:


  • Secondary logo placement on most Social Media Postings (video, pics) and / or tagging of Presenting Sponsor page
  • Frequent mention of Presenting Sponsor during all events and frequent sharing of social media posts
  • Presenting Sponsor Rep may speak at weigh-ins during gaps in weigh-in.

Product Sponsor Pricing:


  • Minor logo placement on some social media Postings (video, pics) and / or tagging of Product Sponsor page
  • Minor logo placement in some official videos
  • Periodic mention of Presenting Sponsor during all events
  • Product Sponsor may have select 30 second promo videos shared on social media

**We reserve the right to have multiple title, presenting, and product sponsors.