High School Bass Classic Tournament


Welcome to the High School Bass Classic Tournament!

Where Passion Meets Professionalism in High School Fishing

In 2022, Jeremy Gallman had a vision for a High School tournament and partnered with Rex Moncrief to transform their vision into reality by establishing the High School Bass Classic (HSBC). This tournament was born from a dedication to showcase the incredible talents of high school bass fishing anglers and a commitment to operate with the standards of a professional organization. Today, HSBC stands as a beacon of excellence in high school competitive fishing, embodying the spirit, skill, and professionalism of young anglers.

The Ultimate Test of Young Anglers!

The High School Bass Classic (HSBC) is the most exciting, competitive, and anticipated high school fishing tournament in the nation! As the pinnacle of high school competitive bass fishing, HSBC offers young anglers the opportunity to showcase their skills, compete for scholarships, and engage in the ultimate bass fishing adventure.


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2024 Dates are Set - Make Plans Now for 2x the Fun!

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πŸ—“οΈ Tournament Dates: To Be Announced!
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Tournament Highlights

  • Competitive Fishing: Battle it out on the water with the best high school anglers for the prestigious title of HSBC Champion.
  • Prizes & Scholarships: Substantial prizes and scholarships are on the line for top performers!
  • Conservation Efforts: Learn about and contribute to fish conservation practices during the event.
  • Expert Workshops: Attend workshops led by professional anglers and industry experts.
  • Community & Camaraderie: Meet fellow high school fishing enthusiasts and build lasting friendships.

Championship Sunday - 2nd Annual 2023 High School Bass Classic

Day 1 of the 2023 Championship on Caddo Lake

Teamwork by Eddie Hyatt Jr and Maddox Williams
2022 & 2023 High School Bass Classic Champions

Latest News & Updates

πŸ“°Β Pre-Tournament Meeting Scheduled: Coaches and participants, mark your calendars for the mandatory meeting on June 9th!

πŸ“£Β Sponsor Shoutout: A big thank you to our sponsors who make this event possible.Β Our Sponsors

🌿 Conservation Corner: This year’s conservation project is focused on habitat restoration on local lakes.Β Get Involved

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Embark on a journey where every cast is a step towards greatness, every catch a testament to skill, and every moment a part of a grander vision. The High School Bass Classic is more than just a tournament; it’s a celebration of youth, skill, and the professional spirit in the world of bass fishing.

Welcome to the High School Bass Classic – Where Champions Fish!

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“An unforgettable experience! The HSBC has helped me grow not just as an angler, but also as a student and sportsmanship.” – Jamie T., Past Participant

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WATCH Eddie Hyatt Jr and Mattox Williams DOMINATE the 2022 Championship!

Youtube Channel

🎣 The High School Bass Classic 2024: Your Ultimate Fishing Challenge Awaits! πŸ†

🎣 The High School Bass Classic 2024: Your Ultimate Fishing Challenge Awaits! πŸ† #shorts

πŸ† Awards Ceremony - 2023 2nd Annual High School Bass Classic Finale

Day 2 - πŸ… Championship Sunday πŸ† 2nd Annual 2023 High School Bass Classic!

2023 03 26 Day2 TakeOff

2023 Day 1 Almost Legal LIVE at the High School Bass Classic on Caddo Lake

2022 Photo Gallery - Eddie Hyatt & Mattox Williams

2022 Photo Gallery 1